How Does A Retained Search Firm Assist Nursing Professionals?

In Texas, nursing professionals often start as a licensed practical nurse. They advance through their career by continuing their education and mastering more complex skill sets. As they advance through their career, they will need help finding new job positions to match their new qualifications. The following is how a Retained search firm assists nursing professionals.

Starting a Contract with the Staffing Agency

The first step is to start a contract with the staffing agency. The contract guarantees the nursing professional will acquire permanent placement through an participating employer. By signing the contract, the nursing professional agrees to work with the staffing agency and to refrain from seeking employment through a different agency. The recruiter assigned to the nursing professional helps them find a position based on their qualifications.

Screenings and Assessments

The recruiter must screen and assess each nursing professional. The recruiter presents the nursing professionals with a skills assessment based on their field of nursing. They must pass tests based on real world situations the nurses would face in the field. The recruiter must also conduct standard background checks for the nursing professional to mitigate common risks. Select employers may also require credit assessments for all candidates.

Reviewing Additional Certifications

Nurses with additional certifications must provide details about these credentials when they submit their resume. Certifications could help the recruiter streamline the job search for the nursing professionals. The certifications may also determine the type of facility in which the nurse should perform their services.

Interviewing for Vacant Positions

Once the recruiter approves the candidate through the screening process, they start scheduling interviews with potential employers. The recruiter prepares the candidate for the interview process. They present them with common questions that employers ask and help them provide the best answers. The recruiters help the nursing professionals get the job they want the most.

In Texas, nursing professionals need assistance when entering the work force. They will continue their education to qualify for more advanced positions. However, they must acquire a nursing position to acquire the experience needed for future aspirations. Nursing professionals who want to find a new position contact a recruiter now.