5 Great Exercises For Men’s Health

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Exercises are the best way to maintain men’s health. Today when the stress of work, improper diet, unhealthy habits are making way in life causing adverse affects on the well being of the individual, it is very important for men to realize that keeping fit not only enhances the life span but also helps to combat various illness.

Men focus on muscle building, strength and training workouts, and weight lifting exercises. Very few men realize that a complete workout is essential for keeping the body healthy. A complete workout plan involves all the elements of fitness followed on a routine basis.

The following are the best 5 exercises for men.

Spinning or Cycling

Spinning or cycling can be done indoors set to music as well as outdoors. This activity provides variety and intensity making it one of the best exercises for men’s health. It is the best cardiovascular activity. People doing the activity encounter varying terrains and spinning classes copy these situations by increasing and decreasing the bike tensions. Changes between hills, sprints, and jumps tone the muscles of the leg.


Running is also the beast exercise for men’s health because it is inexpensive and can be done anywhere. This exercise works well with the lower muscles of the body and is weight bearing and fat burning. Men increase the fat burning effect by running on different inclines, squats, and lunges at regular intervals. However, it is important to wear proper shoes to reduce injuries.

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Cardio Kickboxing

Men who do not go to the aerobic classes can still try kickboxing because this practically helps in the strengthening the upper as well as the lower body working with major muscles. The kicks, jabs, punches, and other moves make the arms; legs and abdominal muscles work well to the different movements. Apart from strengthening muscles it also helps in flexibility, toning of core muscles and fat burning. Nevertheless, all depends upon men’s intensity to work out.

Stair climbing and elliptical machines

Although cycling, running which are outdoor activities and are best for men’s health there are few who would like to work indoors. Sometimes unpleasant weather conditions also make working out indoors feasible with the use of machines. Treadmills have their place in fitness workouts but they do not provide overall fitness by working with multiple muscle groups.

However, stair climbers and elliptical machines are multitasked. Elliptical machines work with the lower as well as the upper body and are a mimic to cross-country, and skiing. The stair climbers help in burning fat and they work well with the muscles of the lower body.


Swimming is good for men’s health because the water serves as a resistance and has a gentle affect on the body than most of the workouts. Those with arthritis and joint pains can opt for swimming than other rigorous exercises. Swimming builds endurance, increases heart and lung functions, works well with lower as well as upper body muscles helping men tread in water well. It increases flexibility and relaxes the body, giving a lighter feeling.

Men can opt for many other exercises that can be done indoors as well as outdoors. The exercises mentioned add variety to the workout plan providing benefits and enhancing men’s health.

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