Easy Guide To Use Penis Enlargement Extenders

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Have studied the construction of your penis? Do you know how many parts is it made of? If the answer for the questions is no then you must understand the anatomy of your penis in order to take good care of it. Basically your penis is made of three parts.

At the top of your penis there are two chambers which are known as corpora cavernosa. These two are divided on either side of your penis. One chamber is at situated at the bottom of your penis which is known as corpus spongiosum.

The blood flows through these chambers during the sexual activities. Right from the arousal till the ejaculation. The two chambers which are present on the top are main chambers that hold the blood. During the erection process 90% of the blood will be retained by these two chambers i.e. by corpora cavernosa. The main reason behind this is urethra passes through this.

The functions of the corpus spongiosum are limited mainly to urinary and ejaculatory activities. The erection process of your penis is limited by its length and the diameter. You can all the extent of erection as maximum blood holding capacity of the corpora cavernosa. If you want to get the larger and harder erections then you need to increase the blood holding capacity of corpora cavernosa.

You can apply any of the methods available in the market to enhance your penis size. You have to take care of the consequences of the method you are going to adopt. According to many of the studies one of the safest methods is by using penis enlargement Extenders. The Extenders are the breakthrough in the field of medical.

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There are millions of people who are using the penis enlargement Extenders and have benefitted from them. The scientifically made Extenders help you in increasing the length as well as girth of your penis. The main function of the Extenders is to apply a constant tensile force on your penis.

There is wide range of penis enlargement Extenders available in the market. You need to choose the one that suits your penis size and general health condition. The basic construction of the penis enlargement Extenders is like this, there will be two or three rings which will be held by the two or three supporting rods. You need to insert your penis into the rings in such a way that the two end rings hold your penis’s head and root.

After you insert your penis, apply the pressure by tightening the screws provided with the supporting rods. As you tighten the screws the penis enlargement Extenders start applying the force. You will have to stop applying the pressure once you feel that your penis has enough elongation. After applying this tolerable pressure leave the Extender on your penis.

No matter what work you are doing the Extender will be working for you. You will notice a considerable change in your penis length and girth after few weeks of the usage.

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